Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Kids had a great time at mad scientist day today, I loved hearing about the experiments that they got to do:)


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

Mad scientist day at school ! Fingers crossed the volcano works 🤞🤞


Retweetd From Tracy M.R Boyd

David aka Albert Einstein all ready for "mad scientist" day at school. His favourite week of the school year 🤓👨‍🔬🥼🥽👓🧠


Retweetd From Tracy M.R Boyd

David couldn't wait to get stuck in to his new book. His teacher has been reading it to the class and I could tell he loved it. Thanks Mr Kerr at for the website info 📚


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Well done to all the children who performed tonight, wonderful show and all the children looked like they loved performing:)


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

Wishing all the staff a merry Christmas and a happy new year the kids have enjoyed this year and cant wait to see what's in store next year 🎄🎄🎁🎁🎄🎄


Retweetd From Misty Barnes

its a pleasure to say thank you for this term as my children have been happy to go to school and happy to come home ! They have learned so much ! Thanks to fantastic teachers 👍👍 we wish you all a wonderful Christmas


Retweetd From Alan Kemp

Finley and his Teacher post Christmas Production.


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

We been waiting for the jolly postman to come and hes finally come love my christmas card and charlotte loved posting it with her teachers


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Thank you for hosting another mince pie making. Become a tradition with the kids now:) very messy but lots of fun had😀


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Well done Phoenix and Henley:) First time henley has competed and first medal either of them has won:) 3rd place in their team kata.


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Great time at the Diawai celebration today:) well done to all who helped to organise and help:)


staff ready for the annual Harris conference


Retweetd From Harris Peckham

Congratulations to our fantastic teachers who attended the Harris ITT Graduation!


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

Miles finds spelling and handwriting hard and homework can be a challenging time but for the first time hes sat there willing to do it and even tried joining the words together


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Happy kids:)


Nursery all ready for our youngest pupils starting school


Reception role play, reading area, small world and group activities


Activities all set up for our new Reception pupils this morning


Our EYFS rooms all ready for our new pupils this morning

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Our Staff and Governors


Principal   Miss K. Hanley

Assistant Principals











Mrs E. Morrison (Assistant Principal with responsibility for Safeguarding, Behaviour and Inclusion. Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss A. English (Assistant Principal with responsiblility for EYFS, KS1 and English)

Mr S. Kimberley (Assistant Principal with responsibility for KS2 and English)

Mr M. Anderson, (Vice Principal Health & Safety, EVC, Compliance)




SENCO   Mrs K. Clancy

School Office



Mrs J. Wallace (SLT-Office Manager, HR, Attendance)

Ms J. Williams (Senior Administrative Assistant and Extended Schools Leader)

Mrs A. Rehal (Receptionist)

Business & Finance Team



Mrs D. Philpot (Business Manager)

Mrs L. Hunt (Finance Officer- Maternity Leave)

Mrs M. Green (Finance Officer- Maternity Cover)

Premises & IT Team









Mr M. Anderson (Vice Principal, Premises Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, EVC)

Mr T. Plummer (Estates Manager)

Mr N Rudzikas (Premises Officer)

Mr S. Thomas (Apprentice Premises Officer)




Inclusion Team



Mrs E. Morrison (Assistant Principal)

Mrs K. Clancy (SENCO)

Sports Team



Mr A. Wright (Sports Teacher and Lead T&L Mentor)

Miss. C. Fairweather (Dance Teacher)





















Mrs J. Webb (Giraffes Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader)

Miss N. Hall (Giraffes Class - Early Years Educator)

Mrs A. Smith (Butterflies Class - Nursery Leader)

Mrs J. Rogers (Butterflies Class - Nursery Leader)

Miss C. Sanderson (Butterflies Class - Nursery Assistant- Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss R. Hotoran (Butterflies Class- Nursery Assistant- Maternity Cover)

Miss E. Fisher (Class Teacher- Owls)

Mrs F. Flint (Owls Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss J. McCarthy (Class Teacher- Bears) 

Miss Katie Carpenter (Bears Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss L. Spooner (Class Teacher - Caterpillars)

Mr O. Jefferies (Caterpillars Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss H. Kirwan (Class Teacher - Dolphins)

Mrs S. Monk (Dolphin Class - Early Years Educator)

Mrs Claudia Balint (Early Years Educator - Cross Class Working PPA)

Mrs Dovile Januliene (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Jennifer Knight (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Year 1 Team
















Miss K. Griggs (Class Teacher and Year 1 Year Leader - Cooke Class and Data/ Music Leader)

Miss J. Davidson (Class Teacher - Murphy Class)

Mrs A. Gaitan (Class Teacher - Rosen Class- Art and DT Leader)

Mrs J. Dedman/ Mrs N. Smith-Dowrich (Class Teacher - Donaldson Class)

Ms I. Ropiak  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Helen Kaute  (Teaching Assistant)








Year 2 Team



















Miss A. English (Class Teacher and EYFS/KS1 Assistant Principal - Dahl Class - English and Read, Write Inc Leader)

Miss. I. Aliu (Class Teacher - Morpurgo Class- KS1 History Leader)

Miss S. Shoyeju (Class Teacher- Rowling Class- KS1 Geography Leader)

Mr R. Thew (Class Teacher- Seuss Class)

Mrs L. Gibbs (HLTA)

Mr P. Simpson -  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J. Brown -  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs P. McCarthy -  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N. Brown -  (Teaching Assistant)








Year 3 Team













Mrs C. Lopez (Class Teacher and Year 3 Year Leader - Kenny Class- KS2 Mathematics Leader)

Mrs S. Parveen (Class Teacher- Whitlock Class- KS2 History Leader)

Mr U. Younis (Class Teacher- Farah Class- KS2 Geography Leader)

Mrs P. Mburu (Class Teacher- with Leadership Responsbilities- Holmes Class - PSHCE and Mental Health in Schools Leader)

Mrs J. Chapman (Class Teacher- with Leadership Responsbilities- Holmes Class - R.E. Leader)

Mr R. East (Class Teacher- Adlington Class)

Miss I. Dudys  (Teaching Assistant)

Miss J. Raye-Tipple  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M. Wood

Year 4 Team








Mrs S. Daisley (Class Teacher and Year 4 Year Leader - Redgrave Class- Computing Leader)

Miss C. Murisi (Class Teacher- Ennis Class)

Mrs N. Asiedu (Class Teacher- with Leadership Responsbilities- Peaty Class- Science Leader)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (HLTA)



Year 5 Team










Mr Steven Kimberley (Class Teacher and KS2 Assistant Principal - Da Vinci Class - KS2 English Leader)

Mr Leigh Cooper (Class Teacher and Year 5 Year Leader- Picasso Class- KS1 Maths Leader)

Mr Andrew Kerr (Class Teacher with Leadership Responsibilities- Michelangelo Class- KS2 Data/ Music Leader)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (HLTA)

Mrs A. Bal (Teaching Assistant)



Family Service Lunch Team










Mrs L. Rumsby (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Green (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Wood (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Miss K. Drab (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs V. Pollock (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs Z. Shane (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs T. Butchart (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs S. Anderson (Midday Meals Supervisor Cover)


Mayflowers Breakfast and After School Club







Mrs D. Paul

Mrs S. Anderson

Miss J. Raye

Mrs L. Gibbs

Mrs Y. Sanchez de Limmer

Mrs K. Drab

Clerk to Governing Body   Koyeli Solanki
Governing Body  

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this address:



Email addresses are all as this:

First name initial

Teachers can be contacted through the academy office. If the Class Teacher has been unable to resolve your query the following Team Leaders and Assistant Principals can be contacted through the academy office:

EYFS Team Leader: Mrs Webb

Year 1 Team Leader: Miss Griggs

Year 2 Team Leader: Miss English

Year 3 Team Leader: Mrs Lopez

Year 4 Team Leader: Mrs Daisley

Year 5 Team Leader: Mr Kimblerley

EYFS/ KS1 Assistant Principal: Miss English

KS2 Assistant Principal: Mr Kimberley

Pastoral and Safeguarding Assistant Principal: Mrs Morrison