Retweetd From Mr Hollingbery

Long time no tweet. In we found some strange creatures nestled in Y2 after learning about animal adaptations in


Retweetd From claire lewis

fun at sea life centre trip and a tired out boy on way home


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Henley got his first tip today and Faith got her second mon as an orange belt:)


Retweetd From Alan Kemp

Some of the parents too. Hop scotch was a big hit 🤣


Retweetd From Alan Kemp

Finley I am a computer Genius. Just putting the finishing touches to his home work.


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Kids love the new playground markings:)


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

Kids are gonna love it:) looks great


Playground graphics completed...we are looking forward to our wonderful pupils using them next week


Retweetd From Rachel Ramja

Perseverance Is Key..Couldnt Ride Her Bike Now She Can 👍🏻


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

little touches like this is why parents think so highly of the school and staff !! Charlotte can’t wait to start !!


Retweetd From Rachel Ramja

The children are going to be so happy 😁👍🏻


Playground graphics starting to take shape in the large playground. Still to come.... Hopscotch Multi hopscotch 2 x netball/ football pitch markings Target practice markings


Beautiful paintings produced by our pupils for the art gallery today


Retweetd From DeAlyn

achieves outstanding results for our children.


An amazing day with our wonderful pupils making memories


Retweetd From Paula J matthews

King miles is ready to attend the royal celebrations at school today !


Retweetd From Amy Anderson

My little prince loved his royal wedding themed day thank you to all the amazing teachers who always make these events so special!


Retweetd From Cheryl Kenyon

The kids all ready and looking forward to their celebrations today:)


Team Mayflower have enjoyed getting the academy ready for our Royal Wedding celebrations with our pupils tomorrow


Wonderful to see so many of our families at Community Evening tonight

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office













Our Staff and Governors


Principal   Miss K. Hanley
Vice Principal   Mrs J. Carrington (Vice Principal, Middle Leadership Development, EYFS Phase Leader, KS2 Strategic Leadership)

Assistant Principal








Mrs S. Green (Assistant Principal, Mathematics Leader, Year 2 Leader)

Mrs E. Morrison (Assistant Principal, English & Phonics Leader, Year 1 Leader, Designated member of Staff for Safeguarding.

Miss R. George, (Assistant Principal, EYFS Leader)

Mr M. Anderson, (Assistant Principal, Health & Safety, EVC, Compliance)


Mrs C. Bazela

School Office



Mrs J. Wallace (Office Manager, HR, Attendance)

Ms J. Williams (Administrative Assistant)

Business & Finance Team



Ms T. Hagger (Business Manager)

Mrs L. Hunt (Finance Officer)

Premises & IT Team






Inclusion Team


Mr M. Anderson (Assistant Principal, Premises Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, EVC)

Ms S. Butt (ICT Technician)

Mr T. Plummer (Premises Manager)

Mr N Rudzikas (Premises Officer)

Mr V. Appleton (Cleaner)


Clair Bazela (SENDCO)














Miss R. George (Assistant Principal - EYFS Phase Lead - Class Teacher Bears - Science Leader)

Mrs J. Rogers (Bears Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss D. Kiani (Class Teacher - Owls)

Mrs F. Flint (Owls Class - Early Years Educator) 

Miss L. Spooner (Class Teacher - NQT - Caterpillars)

Mrs S. Monk (Caterpillars Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss S. Robson (Class Teacher - Dolphins)

Miss N. Hall (Dolphin Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss C. Hollington (Early Years Educator - Cross Class Working)

Mrs J. Webb (Nursery Class Teacher - Butterflies Class)

Mrs A. Smith (Butterflies Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss C. Sanderson (Butterflies Class - Nursery Assistant)

Year 1 Team












Mrs E.Morrison (Assistant Principal & Year 1 Leader - Class Teacher - Potter Class)

Miss L. Ledega (Class Teacher - NQT - Donaldson Class)

Miss A. English (Class Teacher - Murphy Class - Humanities Leader)

Miss K. Griggs (Class Teacher - Cooke Class - Computing and Science Leader)

Mrs A. Gaitan (Class Teacher - Rosen Class)

Mrs S. Parveen (Schools Direct)

Mrs Laura Gibbs (HLTA)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J. Williams (Teaching Assistant)

Miss J. Raye (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N. Smith-Dowrich (Teaching Assistant - Maternity Leave)

Year 2 Team










Year 3 Team








Mrs S. Green (Assistant Principal & Year 2 Leader - Class Teacher - King Class)

Miss. I. Aliu (Class Teacher - NQT - Morpurgo Class)

Mrs P. Mburu (Class Teacher - Dahl Class) 

Mrs J. Chapman (Class Teacher - Dahl Class)

Mr L. Hollingbery (Schools Direct)

Mrs L. Gibbs (HLTA - Cross Class Working)

Mr U Younis (HLTA - Cross Class Working)

Mr R. Thew (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs I. Dudys (Teaching Assistant - Maternity Leave)


Mrs J. Carrington (Vice Principal, Year 3 Lead)

Mr L. Cooper (Class Teacher -  Farah Class - Art Leader)

Mrs C. Lopez (Class Teacher - Kenny Class - Religious Education Leader)

Mrs S. Daisley (Class Teacher - Whitlock Class, Physical Education Leader)

Mrs L. Gibbs (HLTA - Cross Class Working)

Mr U. Younis (HLTA - Cross Class Working)

Mrs A. Bal (Teaching Assistant)

Lunchtime Supervision Team





Mrs L. Rumsby (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Green (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Wood (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs H. Kaute (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Miss K. Drab (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Extended School Team





Mrs L. Gibbs (Extended Provision Leader)

Mr R. Thew (Breakfast Club Assistant)

Miss J. Raye (Breakfast Club Assistant)

Miss K. Drab (Afterschool Club Assistant)

Ms M. Currie (Afterschool Club Assistant)

Clerk to Governing Body   Rita Odumosu
Governing Body  

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this address:


Email addresses are all as this:

First name initial