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Last week issued an alert about a spike in ransomware attacks on schools. We have suffered an attack since then. Although measures were in place to protect our systems, our servers have been impacted. See for further info and a statement below.


Very pleased they arrived


Miss Williams posted some out to you yesterday so you will hopefully receive very soon.


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Aadi jain Year 1


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We have been set another challenge by - to travel 5928 miles before the Olympic Games start as part of ‘The Road to Tokyo’. Let’s get moving and send your evidence over to Mr. Wright!


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If you can play an instrument then, why not play calming music to help you destress and support your well-being - that’s what one of our talented year six pupils has done 👏🏻 🎻 🎹


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We are loving taking part. Cant wait to see what the next activity is


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Here are two of our amazing pupils completing their weekly ‘Well-being Challenge’ - they haven’t missed a week yet! Well done girls 👏🏻 🧘🏼


You are most welcome!


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Thank you for their star letters, they have been working very hard, lovely surprise😀


Yes! We will post some to you this week


Wow...we have had over 1000 of our free resource, art and playdough packs collected over the last few weeks! We will be restocking and these will be available again from the 22nd along with exercise books and pencils which can also be collected.


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We have surpassed the 500 mile stage of the Tokyo Challenge and the miles are still coming in! Our pupils are definitely clocking up more miles that the staff - come on staff; get moving over half term! ⛸🎿🛹🛼👟🥾


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There has been a fantastic response to our well-being challenges with so many of our amazing children and families listening, and even playing, calming music to support their well-being 🎶


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Tokyo Challenge Update: after week one, we have managed to travel 260.99 miles and we are on our way to Germany! Keep moving everyone ⛸🛷⛷


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Spring Term - Well-being Challenge 5: research has shown there are so many benefits of listening to music or calming sounds. Spend time listening to relaxing music and remember to share the type of sounds that work for you 🎵


Here we go... save the date and we will see you there!


We loved seeing your Family Night Thursday much so you that we have booked another event for Thursday 25th February!


Miss English and Mrs Webb are dusting off the DJ equipment and bringing our families another disco before half term...don’t forget your dancing shoes!


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We have been encouraging our pupils and families to participate in yoga due to the many benefits including reduction of stress, improved mood and energy, and it supports self-care. Here are some of our pupils showing us how it’s done 👏🏻🧘🏽

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Staff and Governors


Principal   Miss K. Hanley  

Assistant Principals





Miss Lauren Arnell (Acting Head of Academy HPACH)

Mrs E. Morrison (Senior Assistant Principal with responsibility for Safeguarding, Behaviour and Inclusion. Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss A. English (Assistant Principal with responsibility for EYFS, KS1 and English)

Mr S. Kimberley (Assistant Principal with responsibility for KS2 and English)

Mr M. Anderson, (Vice Principal Health & Safety, EVC, Compliance)

Mrs C. Lopez (Acting Assistant Principal)

Ms G. Reynolds (Teaching and Learning Consultant)

SENCO   Miss A. English   

School Office



Ms J. Williams (SLT - Office Manager, HR, Attendance)

Mrs K. Best (Receptionist and Administrative Assistant)

Ms O. Somoye (Receptionist and Administrative Assistant)


Business & Finance Team



Mrs D. Philpot (Business Manager)

Mrs L. Hunt (Finance Officer)


Premises & IT Team






Mr M. Anderson (Vice Principal, Premises Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, EVC)

Mr T. Plummer (Estates Manager)

Mr N Rudzikas (Premises Officer)

Mr S. Thomas (Apprentice Premises Officer)


Inclusion Team



Mrs E. Morrison (Senior Assistant Principal)

Miss A. English (SENCO)


Sports Team



Mr A. Wright (Sports Teacher and Lead T&L Mentor)

Miss. C. Fairweather (Dance Teacher)

Mandarin Teacher   Ms K. Kwok  

















Mrs J. Webb (Giraffes Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader)

Mrs C Baliant (Giraffes Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss K. Clarke (Class Teacher- Owls)

Miss J. Raye Tipple (Owls Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss L. Spooner (Class Teacher - Caterpillars)

Mrs S. Monk (Caterpillars Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss J. McCarthy (Class Teacher- Bears) 

Miss N. Hall (Bears Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss H. Kirwan (Class Teacher - Dolphins)

Mrs F. Flint (Dolphins Class - Early Years Educator)


Mrs A. Smith (Butterflies Class - Joint Nursery Leader)

Mrs J. Rogers (Butterflies Class - Joint Nursery Leader)

Mrs R. Murphy (Butterflies Class - Nursery Assistant)

Miss R. Hotoran (Butterflies Class- Nursery Assistant - Maternity Cover)


Mrs D. Januliene (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J. Knight (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Z. Shane (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N. Brown (SEN Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A. Rehal (SEN Teaching Assistant)


Year 1 Team







Mrs S. Daisley (Class Teacher - Cooke, Year 1 Year Leader and Computer Leader)

Miss J. Davidson (Class Teacher - Murphy Class)

Mrs A. Gaitan (Class Teacher - Rosen Class- Art and DT Leader)

Mrs N. Smith-Dowrich (Class Teacher - Donaldson Class)

Miss E. Fisher (Class Teacher - Lawrence Class- Music Leader)

Mrs H. Kaute (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Ms I. Ropiak  (Teaching Assistant and Phonics Intervention)


Year 2 Team











Miss K. Griggs (Year 2 Year Leader and KS1 Data)

Miss C. Plummer (Class Teacher - Dahl Class)

Miss. I. Aliu (Class Teacher - Morpurgo Class and Collective Worship and Assembly organisation Leader)

Miss S. Shoyeju (Class Teacher- Rowling Class- PSHCE Leader)

Mr S. White (Class Teacher- Seuss Class)

Ms I. Ropiak  (Teaching Assistant and Phonics Intervention)


Year 3 Team












Mr A. Wright (Year 3 Leader)

Mrs S. Parveen (Class Teacher- Whitlock Class- KS1 Maths Leader)

Mr R. East (Class Teacher- Adlington Class)

Miss T. Hunt (Class Teacher- Farah Class)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (Class Teacher- Holmes Class)

Miss I. Dudys  (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mr P. Simpson -  (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J. Brown -  (Teaching Assistant)


Year 4 Team





Mrs C.Lopez (Class Teacher - Lewis Class, Year 4 Leader, Acting Assistant Principal and Religious Education Leader)

Miss E. Quigley (Class Teacher- Redgrave Class)

Mr U. Younis (Class Teacher - Peaty Class)

Mr F. Burton Choonara (Class Teacher - Ennis Class)

Mr C Underwood (Class Teacher - Thompson Class)

Mr R. Thew (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A. Bal (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M. Wood (Teaching Assistant)


Year 5 Team







Mrs N. Asiedu (Class Teacher - Da Vinci Class, Year 5 Leader, KS2 English and MFL)

Miss K. Griggs (Class Teacher - Michelangelo Class, Year 2 Leader and KS1 Data)

Ms G Safonova (Class Teacher - Picasso Class)

Mrs G. Rai (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)



Year 6 Team








Mr S. Kimberley (Assistant Principal with responsibility for KS2 and English and Class Teacher - Parks Class)

Miss S. Adeel (Joint Class Teacher - Parks Class)

Mr A. Kerr (Class Teacher - Mandela Class, KS2 Maths Lead)

Ms C. Falusi (Class Teacher - Hockney Class)

Mr A. Wright (Class Teacher)

Ms G. Reynolds (Teaching and Learning Consultant)

Mrs L. Gibbs (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)


Family Service Lunch Team









Mrs L. Rumsby (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Green (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Wood (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Miss K. Drab (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs T. Butchart (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs L. Osbourne (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs R. Burton (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs J. Brassel (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs V. Cevizil (Midday Meals Supervisor)


Mayflowers Breakfast and After School Club






Mrs J. Morgan

Mrs D. Paul

Mr R. Thew

Miss J. Raye

Mrs L. Gibbs

Mrs Y. Sanchez de Limmer

Mrs K. Drab

Clerk to Governing Body   Robert Crick  
Governing Body  

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this address:


Email addresses are all as this:

First name initial

Teachers can be contacted through the academy office. If the Class Teacher has been unable to resolve your query the following Team Leaders and Assistant Principals can be contacted through the academy office:

EYFS Team Leader: Mrs Webb

Year 1 Team Leader: Mrs Daisley

Year 2 Team Leader: Miss Griggs

Year 3 Team Leader: Mr Wright

Year 4 Team Leader: Mrs Lopez

Year 5 Team Leader: Mrs Asiedu

Year 6 Team Leader: Mr Kerr

EYFS/ KS1 Assistant Principal: Miss English

KS2 Assistant Principal: Mr Kimberley

Pastoral and Safeguarding Assistant Principal: Mrs Morrison