Our Year 6 children are currently developing their scientific knowledge and skills in the Wonderlab at the 🧪🦠


We are consulting on our admissions arrangements for 2023-2024, please see the website for more details.


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Boy’s Football Result: St. Thomas 3 v 3 Harris Mayflower What a game, well done to all players that took part and thank you for for hosting us! ⚽️


Our EYFS pupils love taking the story sacks home as part of their home learning.


We are consulting on our admissions arrangements for 2023-2024. Please see our website for further information


What a great end to Summer School! The children have worked so hard and have been fantastic - well done to everyone that attended! The children were also introduced to Countdown and they may have outsmarted the teachers 😬 🕰


Summer School has been given a big thumbs up from our Year 6 pupils today! The learning has continued today with clear progress being made by the children already - a huge well done to everyone that has attended! 👍


Well done to all the children that attended Summer School today! Grammar, retrieval skills and decimals were the focus today and the children continued to show perseverance and determination 👏🏻📝📚


Day 2 of Summer School and the Year Six pupils delved in to their wonderful imaginations as they began their creative writing task - we can’t wait for the finished pieces!


Welcome back to our new Year 6 pupils! Summer School has started and they are eager to continue their learning - well done to all the children that are taking part in school and online


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Last week issued an alert about a spike in ransomware attacks on schools. We have suffered an attack since then. Although measures were in place to protect our systems, our servers have been impacted. See for further info and a statement below.


Very pleased they arrived


Miss Williams posted some out to you yesterday so you will hopefully receive very soon.


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Aadi jain Year 1


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We have been set another challenge by - to travel 5928 miles before the Olympic Games start as part of ‘The Road to Tokyo’. Let’s get moving and send your evidence over to Mr. Wright!


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If you can play an instrument then, why not play calming music to help you destress and support your well-being - that’s what one of our talented year six pupils has done 👏🏻 🎻 🎹


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We are loving taking part. Cant wait to see what the next activity is


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Here are two of our amazing pupils completing their weekly ‘Well-being Challenge’ - they haven’t missed a week yet! Well done girls 👏🏻 🧘🏼


You are most welcome!


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Thank you for their star letters, they have been working very hard, lovely surprise😀

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Staff and Governors


Principal Miss K. Hanley  





Mrs E. Morrison (Senior Assistant Principal, DSL)

Miss A. English (Assistant Principal- Inclusion and EYFS)

Mr S. Kimberley (Assistant Principal- Curriculum and Assessment)

Miss K. Griggs (Assistant Principal- KS1)

Mrs C. Lopez (Assistant Principal- Lower KS2)

Mr A. Wright (Assistant Principal- Upper KS2)

Miss J. Williams (Office Manager)

Mr M. Anderson, (Health & Safety, EVC, Compliance)

Federation Curriculum Lead Ms Sam French   

Miss A. English 

Mrs K. Lowe- Bennett 


School Office


Miss J. Williams (SLT - Office Manager, HR, Attendance) 

Mrs A. Rehal (Senior Administrative Assistant)

Mrs K. Best (Receptionist and Administrative Assistant)

Ms O. Somoye (Receptionist and Administrative Assistant)


Business & Finance Team


Mrs D. Philpot (Business Manager)

Mrs L. Hunt (Finance Officer)


Premises & IT Team





Mr M. Anderson (Vice Principal, Premises Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, EVC)

Mr T. Plummer (Estates Manager)

Mr N Rudzikas (Premises Officer)

Mr S. Thomas (Apprentice Premises Officer)


Inclusion Team


Mrs E. Morrison (Senior Assistant Principal)

Miss A. English (SENCO)

Mrs K. Lowe- Bennett (SENCO)


Sports Team


Mr A. Wright (Sports Teacher)

Mr P. Ibrahim (Sports Coach)

Miss. C. Fairweather (Dance Teacher)

Mandarin Teacher Ms K. Kwok  






















Mrs J. Webb (EYFS Phase Leader)

Mrs T. Bellardi (Class Teacher- Giraffes)

Mrs Claudia Balint (Giraffes Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss C. Plummer (Class Teacher- Caterpillars)

Miss J. Raye-Tipple (Caterpillars Class- Early Years Educator)

Miss K. Clarke (Class Teacher- Dolphins)

Miss N. Hall (Dolphins Class - Early Years Educator)

Mrs N. Smith-Dowrich (Class Teacher- Owls)

Mrs S. Monk (Owls Class - Early Years Educator

Miss J. McCarthy (Class Teacher - Bears)

Miss S.Shipp (Bears Class - Early Years Educator)


Mrs A. Smith (Butterflies Class - Joint Nursery Leader)

Mrs J. Rogers (Butterflies Class - Joint Nursery Leader)

Mrs R. Murphy (Butterflies Class - Nursery Early Years Educator)


Mrs D. Januliene (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)

Mrs J. Knight (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)

Mrs A. Drakes (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)

Mrs V. Cevizli (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)


Year 1 Team

Continent: Europe









Miss H. Kirwan (Class Teacher - Daffodil Class, Year 1 Leader)

Miss J. Davidson (Class Teacher- Iris Class)

Miss L. Spooner (Class Teacher- Daisy Class)

Miss S. White (Class Teacher- Lavender Class)

Miss E. Quigley (Class Teacher- Tulip Class)

Mrs H. Kaute (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Ms I. Ropiak  (Teaching Assistant and Phonics Intervention)

Mrs Z. Shane (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)


Year 2 Team

Continent: Africa









Miss K. Griggs (Class Teacher- Protea Class. Year 2 Leader and Assistant Principal- KS1) 

Miss H. Rahman (School Direct Teacher)

Mrs A. Gaitan (Class Teacher- Gloriosa Class)

Ms T. Kaur (Class Teacher- Watsonia Class)

Mr C. Underwood (Class Teacher- Caladium Class)

Miss L. Senturk (Class Teacher- Aloe Class)

Mrs D. Vasani (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs N. Brown (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)




Year 3 Team

Continent: Asia









Miss S. Shoyeju (Class Teacher- Orchid Class. Year 3 Leader)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (Class Teacher- Lotus Class)

Mr M. Osei-Saahene (Class Teacher- Gerbera Class)

Miss T. Hunt (Class Teacher- Jasmine Class)

Miss I. Dudys (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)






Year 4 Team

Continent: North and Central America 






Mrs C.Lopez (Class Teacher - Hibiscus Class. Assistant Principal- Lower KS2)

Mrs S. Daisley (Class Teacher- Mayflower Class. Year 4 Leader)

Miss B. Leahy (Class Teacher- Dahlia Class)

Miss S. Khanam (Class Teacher- Heliconia Class)

Mr R. Thew (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M. Wood (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)

Miss C. Parry (SEN Support Teaching Assistant)


Year 5 Team

Continent: South America








Mrs N. Asiedu (Class Teacher - Freesia Class. Year 5 Leader)

Miss I. Aliu (Class Teacher- Calliandra Class)

Ms G Safonova (Class Teacher - Petunia Class)

Mr M. Clare (Class Teacher- Cantuta Class)

Mr S. Malik (Class Teacher- Thespesia Class)

Mrs G. Rai (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Amandeep Bal (Teaching Assistant- Reading Support)


Year 6 Team

Continent: Australasia









Mr A. Wright (Assistant Principal- Upper KS2)

Mrs C. Falusi (Class Teacher- Jacaranda Class)

Mr F. Burton- Choonara (Class Teacher- Banksia Class)

Mr J. Fordham (Class Teacher- Manuka Class)

Mrs Laura Gibbs (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) 







Family Service Lunch Team









Mrs L. Rumsby (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor and Pupil Support Officer)

Mrs M. Green (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Wood (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs T. Butchart (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs L. Osbourne (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs R. Burton (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs J. Brassel (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs C. Kenyon (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs D. Garrett (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs B. Kazie (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs A. Marin (Midday Meals Supervisor)


Mayflowers Breakfast and After School Club







Mrs J. Morgan (After School Provision Leader)

Mrs D. Paul (After School Provision Deputy)

Mr R. Thew (After School Provision)

Mrs L. Gibbs (Breakfast Club Provision)

Miss J. Raye (Breakfast Club Provision)

Mrs Y. Sanchez de Limmer (Breakfast Club Provision)



Clerk to Governing Body Robert Crick  
Governing Body

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this address: 


Email addresses are all as this:

First name initial

Teachers can be contacted through the academy office. If the Class Teacher has been unable to resolve your query the following Team Leaders and Assistant Principals can be contacted through the academy office:

EYFS Team Leader: Mrs Webb

Year 1 Team Leader: Miss Kirwan

Year 2 Team Leader: Miss Griggs

Year 3 Team Leader: Miss Shoyeju

Year 4 Team Leader: Mrs Daisley

Year 5 Team Leader: Mrs Asiedu

Year 6 Team Leader: Mr Wright

EYFS Assistant Principal: Miss English

KS1 Assistant Principal: Miss Griggs

Lower KS2 Assistant Principal: Mrs Lopez

Upper KS2 Assistant Principal: Mr Wright

Pastoral and Safeguarding Assistant Principal: Mrs Morrison