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Well done Phoenix Faith and everyone one else who passes grading. Especially on such a hot day:)


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Miles has been hard at work today thinking of names for year 5 classes he’s gone for scientists


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England Ireland Scotland Wales Inside Outside Donkeys tale Apparently likes equals stickers 😉


All ready for our final ‘New to EYFS’ meeting today! Welcome to Mayflower


Our first of the week...French Skipping. Our children also enjoyed creating their own rhymes


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Congratulations and well done done to all:)


Such an amazing day at the Sports Day. 2 gold, 3 silver and 2nd place trophy for Y4 boys proud


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Federation Sports Day winners . Well done team!! You are absolutely fantastic... go HPACH!


And we’re off! First Harris Sports Day for our Year 4 pupils. we will see you there!


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Gold Award . We are delighted to announce that our academy has been presented with the gold award for this years school games mark. This has been a real team effort and it’s great to see our excellent sporting provision has been recognised and rewarded!


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Proud to host the apple celebration and welcome children from to showcase their learning. They were all amazing! Thanks


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Looking forward to our Coffee Morning on Wednesday in . If you’d like to find how to , come and meet the team.


Star Letters signed and ready to go home! Who will receive one?


Huge thank you to who led healthy eating workshops based on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ this week.


Year 4 Family Learning Afternoon


Year 3 Family Learning Afternoon


Year 2 Family Learning Afternoon


Very proud of our football team ‘Mayflower United’ who won 4-1 in their first school football match yesterday!


Fantastic end to the Spring Term

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Our Staff and Governors


Principal   Miss K. Hanley
Vice Principal   Mrs J. Carrington

Assistant Principal








Mrs S. Green (Assistant Principal, Mathematics Leader, Year 2 and 3 Strategic Lead)

Mrs E. Morrison (Assistant Principal, English & Phonics Leader, Year 1 and 4 Strategic Lead, Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss R. George, (Assistant Principal, EYFS and Year 3 Strategic Lead)

Mr M. Anderson, (Assistant Principal, Health & Safety, EVC, Compliance)


Mrs C. Bazela

School Office



Mrs J. Wallace (SLT-Office Manager, HR, Attendance)

Ms J. Williams (Administrative Assistant and Extended Schools Leader)

Business & Finance Team



Mrs D. Philpot (Business Manager)

Mrs L. Hunt (Finance Officer)

Premises & IT Team






Inclusion Team


Mr M. Anderson (Assistant Principal, Premises Management, Health & Safety, Compliance, EVC)

Mr T. Plummer (Premises Manager)

Mr N Rudzikas (Premises Officer)

Mr S. Thomas (Apprentice Premises Officer)


Clair Bazela (SENCO)

















Mrs J. Webb (Nursery Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader)

Mrs A. Smith (Butterflies Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss C. Sanderson (Butterflies Class - Nursery Assistant- Currently on Maternity Leave)

Miss R. Hotoran (Butterflies Class- Nursery Assistant- Maternity Cover)

Miss D. Kiani (Class Teacher - Owls)

Mrs F. Flint (Owls Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss J. McCarthy (Class Teacher- Bears) 

Mrs J. Rogers (Bears Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss L. Spooner (Class Teacher - Caterpillars)

Mrs S. Monk (Caterpillars Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss S. Robson (Class Teacher - Dolphins)

Miss N. Hall (Dolphin Class - Early Years Educator)

Miss C. Hollington (Early Years Educator - Cross Class Working PPA)

Year 1 Team
















Miss A. English (Class Teacher and Year 1 Phase Leader - Murphy Class - History Leader)

Miss K. Griggs (Class Teacher - Cooke Class - Reading and Read, Write, Inc. Leader)

Mrs A. Gaitan (Class Teacher - Rosen Class- Rights Respecting Schools Leader)

Miss H. Kirwan (Class Teacher- Donaldson Class)

Mrs P. Williams (Teaching Assistant)

Miss K. Carpenter (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs H. Kaute (Teaching Assistant)







Year 2 Team
















Mrs P. Mburu (Class Teacher and Year 2 Phase Leader - Dahl Class - PSHCE and Mental Health in Schools Leader)

Mrs J. Chapman (Class Teacher and Year 2 Phase Leader - Dahl Class - Religious Education Leader)

Miss. I. Aliu (Class Teacher - Morpurgo Class- Computing Leader)

Mrs K. Clancy (Class Teacher - King Class- Gifted and Talented and More Able Leader)

Mrs J. Dedman (Class Teacher - King Class- Modern Foreign Languages Leader)

Miss L. Ladega (Class Teacher- Seuss Class- Computing Leader)

Miss S. Shoyeju (Class Teacher- Rowling Class)

Mr R. Thew (School Direct Teacher)

Miss J. Raye Tipple (Teaching Assistant)

Miss R. Foxley (Teaching Assistant)



Year 3 Team






Mrs C. Lopez (Class Teacher - Kenny Class - Geography Leader)

Mrs S. Parveen (Class Teacher- Whitlock Class)

Mr U. Younis (Class Teacher- Farah Class)

Mrs A. Bal (Teaching Assistant)

Year 4 Team








Mr L. Cooper (Class Teacher - Peaty Class - Art and Design Leader)

Mrs S. Daisley (Class Teacher- Redgrave Class- P.E and Sport and Positive Behaviour Leader)

Miss L. Clarkson (Class Teacher- Ennis Class)

Mrs I. Dudys (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs M. Wood (1:1 Teaching Assistant)

Miss L. Stewart (Teaching Assistant)





Mrs L. Gibbs (HLTA)

Mrs K. Senthilkumar (HLTA)

Mrs N. Smith- Dowrich (HLTA)

Family Service Lunch Team







Mrs L. Rumsby (Senior Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Green (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs M. Wood (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Miss K. Drab (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs J. Brown (Midday Meals Supervisor)

Mrs D. Januliene (Midday Meals Supervisor)


Mayflowers Breakfast and After School Club







Mrs L. Gibbs (Mayflowers Leader)

Miss J. Raye

Miss K. Drab

Ms M. Currie

Mrs Y. Sanchez de Limmer


Clerk to Governing Body   Koyeli Solanki
Governing Body  

Details of Governors can be found under the Key Information tab section for the Governing Body


All Governors can be contacted via the clerk at this address:



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