So lovely to see our pupils and teachers enjoying their Teams talk sessions. So many interesting stories to hear, Lego models, pets, new babies and more to see!


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The last tweet was from David. This is from me. Thank you Mrs Lopez for the "Appreciate" assembly. I appreciate all our teachers for their hard work throughout the pandemic. The recent daily videos and lessons have helped keep us going. Well done team mayflower 👏


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Thank you Mrs Lopez for your "Appreciate" assembly. I really enjoyed seeing you again. "I appreciate my Mummy for giving me my baby brother and looking after everybody even when she was recovering from surgery."


Lovely to see that our virtual Sports Day certificates and pins are arriving through letterboxes! Well done to all our children who took part this year


Amazing! We miss you all! We cannot wait to have our pupils and families all back together


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Lockdown school photoshoot today. Kids enjoyed themselves:)


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Thank you so much for helping throughout lockdown ❤ Could not have done more for


Well done Misty and Jaiden for your sports day entries!


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thank you so much for Misty and Jaidens certificates for sports day !! 🎖🎖they are so so happy 😁😁


Well done Miles! Your projects are always fantastic! We will send home a postcard and pen to you


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After having a good online lesson this morning miles has spent the afternoon doing a poster on thunderstorms


Here it is...Mr Wright’s Weekend Sports Challenge! We love seeing all your videos and posts!


Amazing! Well done for engaging in so many of Mr Wright’s tasks during lockdown!


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The alphabet challenge ✅


Look out for our achievement assembly being emailed home tomorrow!


What a superstar!


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the alphabet challenge 🤸‍♂️🏆


Our Nursery bubble love playing with their new water tray


We will be sending out details tomorrow for the ‘500 words’ writing competition. This year all writing will be linked to the Black Lives Matter movement. Your words have the power to change you and the world around you.


Bubble picnics today

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Harris Primary Academy Mayflower is committed to the vital contribution all Governors and staff can make to safeguarding children. We will strive to make sure that every student in the Academy feels secure, well cared for, and able to reach their full potential.

We will ensure all our own staff, other professionals, parents/carers and students work together to know the rules about keeping children safe. They will understand the importance of following procedures and listening to each other, especially when there are concerns about safety.

Esafety is a responsibility of all staff, pupils and parents. If you need advice or have concerns click here to access the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Website.

The Academy will work hard to reduce all the kinds of harm that children can suffer, including abuse, bullying, discrimination and avoidable injuries. If you have any concerns at all about the safety or welfare of a child please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 772 4588 or via our contact emails (below)

At Harris Primary Academy Mayflower we have a team approach to the role of Designated Staff Member for Safeguarding with Ellie Morrison, leading the team. All DSL's have the Thurrock DSL training and in addition the team are all Safer Recruitment trained. Our Principal Katie Hanley is our Prevent lead and is also a Home Office accredited prevent trainer (Wrap accreditation number: 9744180).  As part of our commitment to safeguarding we ensure that all class teachers, as well as the leadership team receive Thurrock Level 3 Designated Safeguarding Lead training.

Harris Mayflower hosts the Thurrock DSL and Safer Recruitment training regularly across the year. Please contact Jo Wallace, Officer Manager if you would like to book a place on either of these courses.

What to do if you are concerned about a child at Harris Primary Academy Mayflower

The Academy Lead Designated Staff Member for Safeguarding is Ellie Morrison (Assistant Principal)

The Deputy Lead Designated Staff Member for Safeguarding is Katie Hanley (Principal)   Wrap accreditation number: 9744180

The Deputy Lead Designated Staff Member for Safeguarding is Joanne Wallace (Office Manager)                 


Extremism and Radicalisation 

In June 2014, the Prime Minister emphasised the important role that British values can play in education. Further, how well a school promotes such values is an aspect of Ofsted’s inspection process.

Although in the current climate, this is something which is developing in its significance for schools, it is not something new at Harris Primary Academy Mayflower. British values are promoted in much of what we do, during school assemblies, Religious Education, Philosophy and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) sessions.

As well as actively promoting British values, the opposite also applies: we would actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British values, including ‘extremist’ views.

The British values we espouse are not unique to Britain. We acknowledge that they differ in no way from the values of the many countries and the cultural backgrounds represented by families at Harris Primary Academy Mayflower.

We have a clear strategy to tackling extremism and acting early to address any issues of radicalisation. We are aware that some pupils and families may be vulnerable to radicalisation and follow the government's channel guidance (Attached as a key document to this page) as well as having a consistent approach to the teaching of values, which we term British Values, through our taught and extra-curricular curriculum offer. This is detailed in the British Values Policy which can also be found as an attached document on this page.

We work closely to ensure our Prevent approach identifies any pupils that may be in danger of radicalisation and to make referrals to the Thurrock MASH service as with any other safeguarding concerns.

The Lead Member of Staff for Prevent is Mrs Katie Hanley, Principal (WRAP number: 9744185)