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Hi my Daughters teacher is running the for ,if this is a cause close to you or you just want to donate please do 🙏 His a great guy with a big heart and all donations would be appreciated


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Thank you for another brilliant event - all the performers were great! 👏🏻


Our allotment is thriving! Our first Farmers’ Market today made £36 through selling some of the chard and wild rocket we have grown. Any money raised will be used to buy more seeds and tools for gardening.


Community Evening has been running since 2015 but tonight we had over 1100 people attend our special Jubilee Community Evening where we had music, dancing, picnics and cakes. Thank you to everyone who came


Celebrating the Platinum Jubilee We are looking forward to a special Jubilee lunch and our community evening tonight!


Our final gallery of the week for Year 5&6. This week we have exhibited 976 framed pieces of art and sold over 700. Do not worry if you haven’t purchased yours yet, they are available through ParentPay for £3


A selection of prints from our Year 3 and 4 gallery today.


Our Year 3 and 4 gallery today showcasing their prints. By tomorrow evening, all 976 pupils at our academy will have had their work displayed in our gallery. Remember that artwork is available through ParentPay for £3


Year 2 print shown in our gallery this week. Every child in school will display their artwork.


Our Year 1&2 gallery this week showcasing their wonderful printing pieces


Our EYFS pupils impressed everyone this week with their wonderful art gallery in the hall! £3 framed prints available through ParentPay


Our first chicks have hatched in Nursery!


Our vegetables are growing! The children are looking forward to hosting our first Farmers’ Market very soon. 🥕 🥔 🥦 🥬 🍅


We are enjoying seeing our garden take shape! Our potting shed should arrive this week and provide some additional space for our young gardeners to work.


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good luck to all of year six in their SATS this week


Year 4 making salsa and guacamole today


Louise Bourgeois inspired sculptures in Year 4.


The planting has started at the Mayflower allotment


Great to see so many parents at our Reception Family Learning Morning.


Congratulations to two of our Governors and Paul Campbell who received their long service awards at the Harris Federation Governor Conference today.

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Harris Primary Academy Mayflower rated by Ofsted as 'Outstanding' across all areas

Posted on March 4th 2015

Reassurance Needed!

Dear Parents and Friends of Mayflower

We thought it would be timely to update you all on where we are with regard to the building developments for our new site and arrangements for the coming year.

Recently in the press there was some localised misreporting about the future of Harris Primary Academy Mayflower, which caused some of you distress. We are sorry about this, but can happily reassure you that the future of Mayflower has never been in doubt and this report was supposed to refer to the places allocated for the new secondary free school, which is a different project entirely.

Our plans were given approval for the new site at Thurrock Council last month. There were some concerns raised about traffic on Mayflower Road, once our school is full, however the footpath connecting our site to Mill Lane, the proposed bus service to Grays and West Thurrock and our proposed staggered start time of 8.35 a.m. and finish time of 3.00 p.m. reassured the planning committee, who gave the plans their approval.

We are working with the Harris Federation on plans for moving to our new site ahead of the coming academic year. We will be offering subsidised wrap around care (breakfast and after school) to ensure the staggered times for working parents do not present problems. We are reviewing temporary building plans for the first year and then will be in the brand new building (See the new building section of the “Our Academy” tab on our website) at some point in the summer of 2016.  

Work on the new building has begun with the site being totally cleared and prepared ahead of foundation and footing work. It is going to be an exciting time as Harris Primary Academy Mayflower moves to its new location in September and we start to feel more independent from our sister academy who has supported us so well this year.

It has been great to keep you all updated at our fortnightly coffee mornings but we know that many of you are using the Gateway app, which we do not contribute to, as a way of finding out more information. By writing to you via email and our website, we hope we can reassure you all and let you know that Harris Primary Academy Mayflower is not only a fantastic place to learn, but is very much here to stay!


Mr Britt (Executive Principal), Mrs Chapman (Principal) and Ms Hanley (Vice Principal)